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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Valve stems and TPM Sensors

I read the ongoing discussion on what valve stem to use with an external TPMS sensor.

A standard 65 psi max, rubber valve stem is very flexible as seen here.

 Some people think the 80 psi max, "High Pressure"

 HP 600 rubber valve stem is Ok to use with external TPMS sensors but you can see the HP-600 is still flexible.

 Here is proof that an HP rubber stem can fail when a TPM sensor is installed.

IMO staying with any "snap-in" type stem is false economy given the metal bolt-in stems only cost $3 to $4 each. Not all tire stores will have the metal valve stems so check first. if they don't you can get stems at AutoZone, O'Riley's, Advance Auto Parts or NAPA or most any auto parts store or even on Amazon.
They are easy to install too. Don't let the service center tell you installing metal stems is a lot of work.  Watch and you will see.


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