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Friday, June 5, 2020

Tire Advertising claims ???

Read this on an RV forum.

"I am using Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire, not at all but I think it is a good tire for my trailer. these tires have an added protection against the heat with built-in weathering and ozone protection. And with the summer months getting into their absolute hottest parts, this feature could be a nice addition to have in my trailer tires. Additionally, these tires have interconnected tread blocks that I find encouraging. See, this interconnected tread blocks ensure the tread will last for a longer time and that’s something I find it very intriguing."

I have nothing against Carlisle.  I do find the ability of Copywriters to make features common to almost all tires sound unique and special. I do question the ability of anti-ozone waxes and oils to provide any "protection against heat" and I consider that claim a serious stretch. I would love to see any test data that supported that claim.

Be a smart shopper and don't fall for slick promotional claims. Ask to see the data and results from direct comparison tests. You will many times just get the sound of crickets.

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