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Friday, April 29, 2011

What do all those letters mean in the tire size?

A fairly consistent problem I try to provide answers about specific tire applications, is the fact that we are usually only given part of the tire information we need to provide an informed answer. I have been asked “What load can my 16” tires carry” or “I have 8 ply tires, how much load can they carry?” or “Can I replace my 235/70R16 tires and carry more load with a 245 tire?”
While I really want to help you get the information and answer you seek, I do not want to guess what tire you have as I may guess wrong and give you incorrect information.

The reality is that the numbers alone are not all the information we need. To help us do a better job of answering your questions, you can help us by giving us the needed details.

Here are some examples of how you can help us all if you provide complete size information when you ask a question.

A P235/75R15 105S is rated at 2,028 Lbs at 35 psi maximum. This would be a “Standard Load” tire, while a P235/75R15 108S XL or Extra Load is rated at 2,183 Lbs at 41 psi max.

We can break down the different parts of the complete size designation as follows. The P stands for Passenger. The 235 is the width of the tire in millimeters and the 75 is the Aspect Ratio of how tall a tire is relative to how wide. In practical terms it is how close the wheel is to the road. The “R” of course stands for Radial and if the tire were Bias as tires were before the introduction of Radials it would have a D for Diagonal. Don’t ask me why they didn’t choose the letter B. I have no idea.

We all know the 15 is the rim diameter. The 105 or 108 is the Load Index. You can consider any passenger tire to be Standard Load unless marked “XL” or “Extra Load”. The “S” in the size above is the speed or handling rating. Passenger tires are not rated for dual application. The combination of Load Index and the Speed rating make up the Service Description.

When you ask a question about a tire don't worry about what all the letters and numbers mean just look at your tire and copy all of the information and leave it up to me and other tire engineers to decipher the mumbo-jumbo. If you tell us your tire size is a P285/35ZR19 87Y we will know this ultra wide, very low aspect ratio large rim tire with a high speed rating indicates you are driving a Corvette and that those tires are not meant to be used on your RV.

Next time we can move on to other type tires that many will find on their Pick-Up, Trailer or RV.


  1. Roger, you're one sharp guy! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and being enjoyable to read.

  2. I got new tires yesterday but as I was looking through my records they have a different number vs my old tires. The new ones are p235 /75 r15 108s xl ww and the old ones are p235/ 75 r15 105s owl so why is it different and when it be a problem?


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