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Friday, October 4, 2019

My tire says "Regroovable" What does that mean?

"Tireman9; I directed a question to you and did not get an answer?
My Goodyear tires say they are re-groovable. Do you approve of this and who does it? I am located in Indiana. TIA
RVForum writer"

I remember the question and thought I answered but can't locate the original question.

Anyhow.  "Regroovable" is on many HD truck tires. It means the tire was designed and made with extra thick rubber under the tread pattern. Many truck tire shops can cut a partial pattern into the remaining rubber after the tire has been significantly worn. There are guidelines provided by the tire companies on the depth etc.

HERE is a short video. You may notice that in the example the tire is a "Lug" or heavy Traction" tire as used on the rear of units such as Dump trucks.

Regrooving only provides more tire wear miles and will not extend the long term life of a tire based simply on age.

You would still be constrained by the published guidelines of 10 years max no matter what the visual inspection indicates and the act or "regrooving" the tread paternwill do nothnig to improve a tire's durability.

A downside of a tire being "Regroovable" is that the heavy, thick tread will almost certainly give you worse fuel economy as most of the tires e"energy" is consumed n the tread regon

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