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Friday, April 9, 2021

What's the "Best" TPMS

 No I don't want to start a fight. Probably everyone that already has a TPMS will say that what they have is the best.

I would prefer to identify the features that I think are important and then let the customer do the shopping because there is no way to predict what the sale price will be next week or what new brand or model TPM will hit the market next month.

Here is my list of Features:

Key features for me would be (sort of in order. but as they say Your mileage may vary)
1. Ability to set the low pressure alarm level and not have to change other pressure levels.
2. Lifetime warranty
3. Ability to set the high pressure level and not have to change other pressure levels.
4 Ability to set the high temperature level to 158F (70C) if it is not already set to that level.
5. Include a signal "repeater" or booster
6 Ability to add 1 to 9 more sensors in the future if needed (+1 more for a spare, + 2 or 4 more if you move the system to one with more tires, +4 if you want to monitor your toad.) This avoids the need to buy a new system in the future when you only need additional sensors.



Friday, April 2, 2021

Got a flat. Is "Sealant" a good "fix"?

 Improper Repairs: NHTSA (DOT)

“A plug by itself is not an acceptable repair.”


 “The proper repair of a punctured tire requires a plug 

 for the hole and a patch for the area inside the tire

 that surrounds the puncture hole.”


 “Punctures through the tread can be repaired if they 

are not too large, but punctures to the sidewall should 

not be repaired.


 Tires must be removed from the rim to be properly 

inspected before being plugged and patched.”


NOTE: Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone say the same thing.



The use of sealant or Slime or "Fix-A-Flat" or similar is in some cases worse than using a plug. Not only can't the inside of the tire be inspected but the use of such product may void any tire warranty and make if difficult or impossible to make a proper repair.

Here are some pictures from one of my seminars on RV tires.

In the first picture you can see all the crack damage in the tire. These can lead to unexpected tire failure.