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Friday, June 12, 2020

Tire "Flat Spotting" when parked

Another post from an RV forum
"I'm no tire engineer but I always thought of a "flat spot" as an area ground off from a long skid. The old bias ply tires of years ago would "deform" or become "out of round" (especially in cold weather) but a few miles of rotation would flex it back into shape. But that's all just semantics."

Well I am a Tire Engineer and the correct terms are "Flat Spot" for an out of round condition. and "Brake Flat Spot" for having an area of the tread worn off due to locking up the brakes so the tire is dragged along the road and does not rotate. When I was racing I would sometimes lock-up the brakes to avoid a spinning car. This would give a strong vibration and we would have to change the tire at the next pit stop.

You can develop "Flat Spot" from long term parking. The degree or level or amount of this type of flat spotting depends on time, temperature load, inflation pressure, rubber chemistry and tire construction.
You can decrease this flat spotting with:
Lower Load  or Higher inflation or not parking when the tire is still hot or keeping the tire out of direct sunlight
The owner has no control over the rubber chemistry or tire construction.

FYI In general tires with Nylon cap ply (seen in tires with higher speed rating) tend to develop and hold the flat spot longer, but I would not reject tire purchase because of the Nylon cap ply as that might give you more life of the tire.

You can see and probably measure the amount of flat spotting from either brake lock or long term parking if you check with a "Free Spin" inspection as seen in the video in THIS blog post. 


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