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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Should you carry a spare tire in your RV?

Here is a video I recorded at the 2012 FMCA national rally in Indianapolis for and its daily newsletter RV Daily Tips.


  1. Before we went on our two month cross country trip this year we replaced the 4 back tires on our class C RV. When I was asking about prices and China tires versus others the one comment the truck tire store said that if one tire failed and we need to match a replacement we should buy Firestone since they can be found almost everywhere. Well we never got a chance to test it but we did buy Firestone and they never gave us a single bit of trouble. I do have a Tire Presssure sensor system and I carry a compressor to keep pressure accurate...which in two months and 8,000 Miles only had to do once. They are great tires...PS do not carry a spare

  2. If you ever need to match tires for dual application simply be sure the Circumference is within 3/4" and all should be OK. Also remember that new tires do grow a bit in dimensions in first 100 miles or so.
    Glad you were able to get tires that work for you.


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