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Friday, August 5, 2022

"Defect Reporting"

I have asked RV owners who had tire failures if they have reported the failures to NHTSA or to the dealer that sold them the RV. Almost universally they said they didn't bother or were told by the dealer "it's not their job". 


The reality is that it is Federal law that tire failures be reported to US DOT. "defect reporting requirements, the focus of this memorandum, the TREAD Act requires automakers to notify the Secretary of Transportation within five days of discovery of a defect or the need for a safety recall. See 49 C.F.R. § 573.6." There are significant fines for failure to comply. NHTSA complaint needs the RV VIN and the complete tire DOT serial including the date portion.

 It is my opinion that if you have a failure or suspect failure and can't bother to file a complete report and include a picture you really have lost much of the right to complain about tire quality as you are effectively keeping the information from the tire company and from the Federal Agency that can order a recall after an investigation. No investigation will ever start because you posted a complaint on Facebook or an RV Forum.


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