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Friday, January 21, 2022

Question about LTX vs. Agilis line of Michelin tires

 Read a question on an Airstream forum:  

 I am replacing Michelin LT225/75R/16/MS2 tire on my 28 Serenity. I am confused ? I am told by the tire dealer that the Agilis CrossClimate has a rough ride. I also read that the LTX tire in not enough for towing. Can anybody help staighten me out ?? Thanks

Load capacity is not a function of the tire "line" but of the type (P or ST vs LT) and Load Range LR-C  LR-D vs LR-E or just XL.

Do not get confused by the "LTX" line as there are both P and LT "types" and there are different Load Range tires in the LTX Line but no ST type which might be what came OE on your RV. Check your placard / certification label.

You should know your actual scale weight of the RV when fully loaded from getting the numbers on a truck scale. Your RV also has a Certification Label (Out side on Driver side, toward the front) that tells you the GAWR.

What ever tire you are looking at it should be capable of supporting AT LEAST 110% of the GAWR with 115% being better, and of course your scale weights should be below the GAWR.

Reports of "Rough Ride" on the Agilis might be from SUV owners with sizes you are not going to run. I would be surprised is you can feel any "rough ride" with a properly balanced set of Michelin tires.

You might want to read my post for a bit more information. 



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