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Friday, August 20, 2021

My FIRST recommendation for a brand & size tire to buy

 If you review my blog posts and posts on various RV forums or have even attended one of my RV tire Seminars, you know I have tried to avoid making specific tire recommendations. Well this changes today.

If you use tires in a 225/75R16 dimension tire in  ST or LT or Metric type you might want to consider the Michelin Agilis Cross-Climate C-Metric tire.

The reason I am making this recommendation is based on the load capacity of their "C-Metric" tire.

Based on the data published by Michelin  HERE, Tire dimensions are the same.  What is different is in the "Fine Print" of the stated Maximum load capacity for their C-Metric when inflated above 80 psi.

The LT Michelin has a stated Maximum Load Capacity Single of 2,680# and Max Dual load capacity of 2,470 per tire when inflated to 80 psi   (LR-E).  This max load applies to the Michelin LT225/75R16 XPS-Rib and the regular LT225/75R16 Agilis Cross-Climate. The same max load is stated for both Bridgestone, Conti and Goodyear and Toyo tires and others. (If you find another company making the use of the C-Metric load capacity please let me know.

The Agilis C-Metric however has a maximum load capacity of 3,195# Single and 3,000# in Dual application when inflated to 83 psi.

The "C-Metric" can give you an extra 515# load capacity in single or 530# per tire in dual position.

For a Class-C Motorhome this works out to an additional load capacity of 3,150#. 

Now I would certainly hope that people not add another 3,000# of "Stuff" into their RV as in my opinion, you would be better off using the Michelin Agilis to give you a nice increase in the "Reserve Load" capacity of your tires to get you closer to a suggested 20% figure.

For you folks with RV Trailers your current ST225/75R16 LR-E tires are giving you a total load capacity of 11.320# for 4 tire applications. Switching to the Agilis could increase your capacity to 12,780# or better yet increase your reserve load from your current 10% to 24% if you simply resist the temptation to pack more "stuff".

It appears that Michelin has made some construction changes in their C-Metric line to provide more or better reinforcing materials to support the extra level of inflation and that is where you get the extra load capacity over LT type tires as it is the inflation that supports the load not the tire itself.

I can only assume that other tire companies have chosen to make the marketing decision to not build similar "C-Metric" tires. This option is available to all tire companies as there is nothing Magic involved here, just a marketing decision.




  1. What's your opinion on the The Hercules H-901 LT vs. this Michelin C-Metric? Years ago I had the Michelin 225/75/16 LTX tread peal right off the casing after 25,000 miles. I'm gun shy with Michelin.

  2. Are you sure the LTX had at least 110% load capacity of the scale reading of the load? The LTX line can be confusing as there are P and LT type. You need to pay attention to the details.


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