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Friday, May 7, 2021

What is the "BEST Tire"?

This question is usually framed as "What tires should I buy for my RV Trailer?"

I usually stay away from brand recommendations. As a certified Forensic Tire Engineer I will say that what ever you get, you should ABSOLUTELY be sure the new tires have a load capacity that is at least equal to the OE tire capacity. Better yet get tires that can support 120% of the load of the OE tires.

If the RV was made before Dec 2017 each tire may have only been rated to support 50% of the GAWR (see your certification label). If mfg after Dec 2017 each tire might have been rated to support 55% of the GAWR.

I strongly recommend you be sure your tires are of sufficient size and Load Range to be able to support 120% of the measured load (scale weight, not printed limits or someone's estimate) of the heaviest loaded tire on the axle. All tires on an axle should be inflated to the same "cold" inflation.

RE TPMS  I recommend the Low Pressure warning be no lower than 95% of the goal Cold pressure. Your High pressure can be set to 125% of your Cold inflation.  Your high temperature is probably set by the TMPS mfg to 157°F (70°C) which is a reasonable level for aftermarket external TPMS..

Finally, I will go so far as saying you will probably be better off if you ensure that what ever tire you select shows that it has Nylon aka polyamide listed as one of the materials under the tread in addition to the steel ply. This will improve heat resistance and high speed durability.


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