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Friday, April 13, 2018

Tire Crack or ?

Saw a post from an RV owner who discovered something on the upper sidewall of a tire when doing a visual inspection.

 He was calling this a "crack" and was looking for input from readers of that RV forum.

A number of readers chimed in with opinions ranging from "Time for NEW SHOES"  and " That one is ready to throw some chunks."  to a discussion on what was an acceptable spray tire protectant.

The good news was that many recognised this damage as "curbing" that can occur when trying to go over a curb at a low angle.

I have outlined the area I looked at which extends well past to obvious deeper damage. Especially off to the right side where the tire just shows signs of surface scrubbing.

If I could physically inspect this tire I would take a close look at the right end (arrow) and confirm the suspect surface abrasion which would confirm no problem internal to the rubber.

Not all tire damage is from a tire "defect".

The owner did the right thing and had the tire inspected by a Michelin truck tire dealer who confirmed no defect but just curbing.

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