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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Request to all posting questions on tires

Just a quick post for those asking questions about tires. Before you post your question on inflation / size/ speed / load etc on any of the RV forums or on this or other tire related Blogs,

Please provide the complete and accurate tire information.
This can be found on the tire placard. Better yet, if you can get it in focus, post a picture of the placard. The tire engineers that follow these posts seem to have to ask follow up questions most of the time as the information provided is not always sufficiently detailed or accurate for us to do more than take a guess.
Some examples of incomplete information include statements such as "I follow the manufacturer’s recommendation"  Which mfg? The tire or the RV?
It is the RV mfg that has the legal responsibility to provide the minimum inflation recommendation for the tires applied to the RV. The inflation level must be sufficient to carry the load as specified on the placard. The tire manufacturer does not know what the RV weighs or what the axle rating is.

Sometimes we hear  "I had my RV weighed and got the inflation"  Did you get the actual corner loads for each position or did you get the total for each axle and divide by two or did you get the total scale weight of the RV and divide by the number of tires on the ground?
Where did you get the inflation information? From your tire companies load/inflation tables or from some self appointed "expert" who invented their own formula (as has been done by some on the Internet) or by asking the guy parked next to you in the campground?

Missing or incomplete information
While we don't need the details on the make & model of your RV we do need to know if it is a motorized unit or a two or three axle 5th wheel or a simple single axle TT. If you want to help others you can include make & model but it takes a lot of extra time to try and research what the configuration is if the tire engineer is not personally familiar with your model. The inflation recommendations for motorized units can be different than for towables. The number of axles is important as it affects the side loading. Also if the tire in question is in a dual position application will affect our answer. While most ST and LT tires have polyester body ply and most 22.5" size have a steel body ply it again will eliminate guessing if you provide the information molded on the sidewall that tells both the number and materials used in the construction of your tires.

DOT number  Providing the complete DOT number can provide valuable information. We can translate the code to know who, where and when the tire was manufactured. With this extra information we might save us all time by suggesting the tires be dismounted and inspected or simply replaced. We might be able to check to see if there had been a recall or other complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on your brand and size tire. If you are unsure what we need you can always post a clear, in-focus picture of the DOT.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
We want to provide clear and correct answers to your questions but we do need your help so that we have the information we need to make an informed answer.

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