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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking for FACTS on Mission brand tires.

I'm doing research for an article on Mission brand tires. I believe the design of interest is Radial ST. When I do a search I find a lot of second hand information such as "A friend had a failure," or "I heard about Mission tire failing," or “I read about these China tires failing."

What I do not find very often is a clear statement from a user who personally experienced a failure. The few times there's statement from an owner there's no mention of the design or tire size or the actual loads on the tires, or even how many tires they had and their age. I also do not recall ever finding the DOT provided.

With all the repeated stories on this brand I would have thought it would be easy to get the facts. But there is only a single complaint filed with NHTSA and it contains no DOT info or tire size. The design is an "FT" and the person filing the complaint said the tires were made by General Tire Co. So that single complaint is very suspect and of little help in trying to determine facts.

If you owned Mission brand tires and had good luck or bad please send email to Tireman9(at) with whatever data you can. I really do not want to try and write an article based on rumor and hearsay information.


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