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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four new RV tire videos

These four videos were just released by Goodyear.
The info in these videos is good to know and follow.

Tim, the guy in the video, and I go way back to the late 70's when we were both working on racing tires. I was at a different company :-)

Even though this information is posted by Goodyear I strongly suggest you follow the advice given as sound technical advice is good to follow no matter who is the messenger.


  1. Roger, your high altitude tire tips are superb! May I have reprint permission for a non-profit Class A diesel owners club newsletter, please? I guess I shouldn't post my email addy here. I'd be happy to email a pdf of our latest quarterly newsletter to you.

  2. Western
    Yes you can reprint the post You can email me at tireman9 at gmail dot com
    and I will send you a copy with altitude/elivation correction.


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