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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you have questions?

I can only guess at what your questions might be about. If you want to know something about tires post it as a comment here and I will make a list of topics to cover.
No guarantee, but if you don't ask, I may not think of the topic you want to know about.


  1. Roger, Thanks for a great blog. My question is:
    I have a 1 ton Chevy dually truck and had a tire in the rear go bad and needed to be adjusted/replaced. The tires have almost 10,000 miles on them and been rotated faithfully. I remember reading somewhere if you had to have a taller(new) tire on the rear it should be placed in a certain position. Just can't remember whether it is the inside or outside position and why. The local tire dealers say they don't know and I haven't found anything on this issue on the internet. Thanks so much. Tom

  2. Roger,

    I've recently started shopping for new tires for the toad. There seems to be a new term I wasn't aware of before, LRR. (Row Rolling Resistance)

    Other than a nice new buzz word for the marketing folks, whats your opinion?

    Thanks, Bob

  3. What kind of dual-foot tire pressure gauge would you recommend purchasing? (and where can I buy it).


  4. Discussion came up in iRV2 about leveling and lynx levelers (Orange honey comb shaped like legos you can stack and drive up on). Are they too hard on tires since only part of the tire surface is on them due to the honeycomb shape?

  5. Hello Roger, I very much enjoy UR blog and posts on RV tires. Thank U.
    I have 2 questions.
    1. Why is it bad to park on dirt for extended periods?
    2. Do levelers need to support both rear tires?

  6. I have a question about airing down for beach/sand driving. Living near the North Carolina coast we have a number of places where driving on the beach or at least sandy areas near the beach is allowed. Standard practice is to lower tire pressure before going off road. We even have air stations for people to air back up before getting back on the pavement.

    But what about in a motorhome? (I have a 1972 Cabana, class A, Dodge M300 chasis) I assume there is some minimum pressure but haven't seen it addressed on this amazing website. Thanks in advance

  7. My Class C Itasca Cambria with duallys is parked at a RV storage "barn" on a cement slab. Usually winters are not too sub-freezing during winters in Eugene, OR. I was told long ago I should have plywood 2x2 ft. pieces under all tires to keep the oils in the tire supple. Am I remembering that right and do you agree with that advice.


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