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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Have a broken wheel stud? Here is what I would do...

 Read a post about someone discovering a broken wheel stud on their RV. The wheel had been changed after there was a tire problem and the reported labor done at the tire shop is suspect.

In my experience studs bet broken from car crashes or over tightening of the lug nuts.

Here is a picture of the wheel with the broken stud at the 

8 Oclock position

Click image for larger version

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From my 40 years Endurance Sports Car racing


and mounting hundreds of tires while doing evaluations as a tire design engineer, I STRONGLY recommend that all studs on that tire position be replaced and a HAND torque wrench be used to fully seat the studs unless a stud hydraulic press was used to install a full set of studs.

Also you should check all the studs at 50, 100 and EACH 50 miles thereafter till ALL the new studs have been confirmed to NOT need any additional turning of the torque wrench for two torque checks.

 I believe so strongly in the importance of lug nut torque I required our lug-nuts be torqued whenever we changed tires. In thousands of miles racing, including winning six consecutive 24 hour endurance races my cars NEVER lost a wheel due to broken stud or loose lug nut.

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