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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Why you should have road hazard tire insurance

 Are you prepared for the cost of tire failure? When buying new tires for your RV, one thing to consider is road hazard tire insurance. That is especially true for ST-type tires you put on a trailer or fifth wheel.

  ( A bad "Fork" in the road)

If you have a failure, it could be blamed on some impact or cut which would not be covered by any manufacturing warranty. But with road hazard insurance any failure would be covered. Even something unusual, as seen here.

Road hazard tire insurance can be worthwhile in all RV applications

Not all brands and not all dealers offer this insurance for RV applications. But when I recently got new tires for my Class C, the Firestone store offered road hazard insurance. I said yes, as I wanted 100% coverage and some assurance that I would not have any expenses related to tire failure. No, my tires are not ST-type. But my advice to consider road hazard insurance applies to all types of tires when used in RV applications.

All I have to do is keep track of the sales receipt and I'm good to go if there ever is a tire problem. The receipt has the full DOT serial along with the notation that I purchased the insurance. So that makes keeping the invoice information doubly important as I do not have to go crawling around under my RV trying to read the DOT identification number aka "tire serial".

Speaking of keeping important papers, I keep copies of papers like car insurance, registration, truck scale weights, roadside assistance insurance, and tire invoices, etc., on my phone in a folder that is backed up "in the cloud" so the information can't get lost.



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