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Friday, March 19, 2021

Tire covers. Can Black be OK?

 It might help to first review the original post that included actual DATA on the subject of tire covers, and remember that old rubber is more likely to crack and fail than "younger" softer rubber, so keeping your tires as "young" as possible is a good thing to do.

So if you have a Class-A with no covers as seen here...

Is the only option to run white vinyl covers, as seen here?...

or could you run the "screens" as seen here?...

Well I have collected some temperature measurements and I will admit that initially I was surprised to learn that the tires behind the black mesh were about the same temperature as those under the white vinyl. after thinking about the situation, it occurred to me that it was possible for the mesh to shield the tire from direct sunlight as the angle of sunlight does not always line up with the openings in the mesh, while at the same time allowing air-flow.

So if you have a Class-A with the normal flat sides you do have an option. 

The "Tire Shades" made by ShadePro and maybe other suppliers can protect your tires from the Sun's heat.

I know of no "spray" or tire "treatment" that can keep a tire as cool as putting the tire in the shade.


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