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Friday, July 17, 2020

Shield your tires from exhaust heat

Some folks are noticing the inner dual on one side seems to always run hotter than the outer dual or the inner on the other side of their coach.
IMO it is the radiant heat from your exhaust system that is causing your tire to always run a bit hotter.

Remember that the "aging rate" of tires doubles with each increase of 18°. This means you are potentially cutting the life in half.

I suggest you take a look underneath your coach. You do not need to wrap your exhaust. This can cause problems and may shorten the life of your exhaust system. A simple metal shield can shield the tires from the IR heat.

Here is what GM installed on my C4500 for my Class-C. Simple sheet metal with a bottom lip to provide some stiffness and to prevent cuts I guess. Just some galvanized 16 to 20 Ga steel can do the job. I bet if you check with a Home heating shop that does ductwork they can cut and bend a piece for not much $.  My shields were welded (1" every foot or so) and show no signs of failing after 17,000 miles. Could also drill and use some heavy metal screws too.

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