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Friday, March 30, 2018

More on TPMS Temperature reporting

Continuing my series on TPMS.  Last time I covered temperature reports when it was moderate to just cool outside. This report is different. On my way South to GA from OH it got downright cold.

I stopped for the night in KY and in the morning I obtained these readings.

Internal System.
RF 30   LF  32    RRO 32    RRI  32    LRI   30  LRO  32

External System
RF  32   LF  32   RRO  32   RRI  32   LRI  32   LRO   32

As expected the temperature numbers were essentially the same. To me this confirms that the sensors can report ambient temperature if given sufficient time to cool to ambient temp.

After about an hour running down I-75 I observed these temperatures when the outside temperature was in the 40's.

Internal System.
RF 86   LF  83    RRO  85    RRI  86    LRI   80   LRO  80

External System
RF  48   LF  48   RRO  46   RRI   44   LRI  57   LRO   55

These numbers clearly show that the external sensors are reporting significantly cooler temperatures than the internal sensors. With cooler ambient the difference internal to external is greater than when the temperatures were warmer. I previously suggested that people running external semsor TPMS might consider adjusting theit high temperature warning level down by 10°F to 15°F.  While the above might suggest lowering from 158°F to maybe 135°F I am not sure if this would be too cool for people that are traveling when the abmient is above 85°F.

For now you might just want to be aware of this difference. I am hoping that later this summer when I am traveling I will be able to get measurements when the ambient is above 85°F.

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