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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reporting tire failure to NHTSA Part 2

Now we get to the details. Following are instructions and screen shots of what you will see once you visit the NHTSA web site.

Before you start:
You need to collect all the information you will need to complete the complaint form. This information includes Tire Make or Brand, Tire Line, Size, Complete DOT serial. Also the RV Make, Model, year, VIN and mileage.

I suggest you review these steps first.


OK we have covered a lot of ground and are not done yet but I feel this is enough for now as I don't want to put anyone to sleep.

I think you can see why it is a good plan to assemble all the information details you will need before you start the complaint form process.

It really isn't important that you remember all these steps. I do suggest you bookmark this series of posts so that if you ever do need to file a complaint you can come back to these instructions.

One more post and we will be done with this topic of how to file a complaint.

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